How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally – 3 Effective Methods

In today’s hectic world, it is very easy to forget about your health. One day you look in the mirror and discover a fat, ugly looking belly starting back at you. Learning how to lose belly fat naturally then becomes a top priority for you.

How to lose belly fat naturally with an unusual trick

Your body can survive for many weeks without food, many days without water but only for a few minutes without oxygen. The body generates energy by using oxygen to ‘burn’ food in your stomach. All the energy generated in your body is just oxygen plus food.

Without enough oxygen, the body cannot burn food properly and convert it into energy. So the body just converts the food into fat and stores it. In today’s modern hectic life, people don’t have the time to even breathe properly. Instead of taking full deep breaths we have unconsciously developed a shallow breathing pattern of short, fast breaths.

When you get stresses your breathing normally switches to a shallow, short breath pattern. This dims down the body’s fat burning fire and slows down digestive processes in your stomach. As a result, more food gets converted and stored as fat and your dream of a flat belly remains a dream.

But there is hope. Even if you stay stressed all day long, you can fool your body into thinking everything is ok by simply taking deeper breaths. You can consciously practice deep breathing and make the internal fire in your stomach burn brighter and stronger.

Next time you sit down to have your food. Just relax for a few seconds before you put the food into your mouth. Now take a few deep breaths and let your body settle down into a deep breathing pattern.

If you feel your body trying to get back to its regular short breath pattern, give it a few more moments and consciously keep taking deep breaths.

As you breathe you will take in the smell of the food and it will trigger the production of digestive juices inside your stomach. Now start eating and stay aware of your breathing rhythm.

Breathe deeply through your nose as you chew the food in your mouth. Chew the food thoroughly before you swallow. After a few meals this will become your natural way of eating. By changing your eating and breathing pattern like this you will digest the food better and store lesser food as fat with each meal. Your stomach will feel full for longer as you body will keep digesting the food for longer. You will burn belly fat faster and more effectively and be one step closer to getting a flat stomach.

Foods which help you lose belly fat naturally

Your overall diet and activity level have a great impact on the speed at which your body burns fat. The next step in discovering how to lose belly fat naturally is find out which the best foods which can help you burn fat.

Coconut Oil: Use coconut oil instead of butter or other oils for cooking. It is a saturated fat and so it very stable at high temperatures. Coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglyceride fat) which is burned much slower compared to carbohydrates. It is a very good source of energy which does not make you fat. In fact, it is a special kind of fat which helps burn n more fat that it itself contains. Thus reducing your overall body fat content and making your stomach flat. It also has numerous health benefits.

Cayenne pepper: Capsaicin is a component of cayenne pepper which slightly increases the body temperature. When the body temperature rises it increases you metabolism and so you burn more calories. It also has some overall health benefits. As with any kind of pepper, only eat it in small quantities.

Water: It may sound silly, but water is greatly important for people who wan to learn how to lose belly fat fast. The body uses fat to store toxins released during various processes in the body. If you drink more water then it will flush out these toxins quicker from your body, and it will be easier for your body to release the fat reserves it is holding on to. Water also decreases your appetite and keeps you from feeling hungry too often.

Cruciferous vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc. are different types of cruciferous vegetables which have a lot of benefits for your health. They contain Indol 3 carbynol which helps your liver clean out bad chemicals and toxins from your body. It helps reduce excess estrogen from the body which. More the estrogen in your body, more you body will store fat in different parts including your belly. These vegetables help reduce estrogen level and help the body get rid of the excess subcutaneous fat.

Green Tea: Green tea helps boost your metabolism and increases the rate of fat burning in your body. It contains antioxidants which help slow down the body’s aging processes by fighting free radicals. This makes you healthier and gives you an energy boost. Green tea contains some amount of caffeine and so it is advisable not to consume more than 2-3 drinks per day. If you are a faithful coffee drinker then it is recommended to slowly reduce your coffee and increase green tea consumption because the caffeine in green tea is less harmful to the body than that in coffee.

Fish Oil: It contains omega 3 fatty acids which are highly beneficial for your skin, heart and brain. It reduces inflammation in the body. It boosts up your metabolism thus increasing the rate at which fat is burnt in the body. A high quality fish oil helps to lose belly fat naturally, reduces the risk of heart attacks and increases your general health and reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Break a sweat every morning to lose belly fat quickly

Diet alone is not enough to get rid of your belly fat effectively. Some exercise is definitely needed. This does not mean you have to start living in the gym or spend hours every day doing boring cardio exercises.

You need to do something which you enjoy and which you can do every morning on most days of the week. This will get your blood flowing faster every morning and keep you in a peak state all day long.

Just go out for a quick jog around your block. You can even take your dog out for a walk. The important thing is to get your blood flowing faster before you eat anything for the day.

It is important to do morning exercises to lose belly fat naturally and quickly, because research has shown that people who develop a habit of working out first thing every morning, develop a routine and continue doing these exercises consistently.

People who exercise later in the day develop an on-off habit of exercising which takes away many of the benefits of regular exercise. Also, doing exercise first thing in the morning causes your body to release endorphins (pleasure hormones) which keep you feeling ‘high’ all day long.

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