How To Lose Belly Fat For Teenage Guys

Want to know how to lose belly fat for teenage guys? Well, you are at the right place as some helpful tips are highlighted below. It is common for teenagers and adults to gain weight in the waist, abdomen and thighs. Did you know that it’s more difficult to lose fat from these areas? Absolutely, if you are teenage boy who want to lose excess belly fat you have to increase your physical activities and eat less unhealthy foods.

You should know that belly fat will cause you to look unattractive and increase your risk of having certain diseases. Getting rid of excess fat will allow you to live healthier and look better. Stick to the following diet tips if you want to
know how to lose belly fat for teenage guys.

Diet Tips for Teenage Boys to Lose Belly Fat

To get started, you can increase the proteins in your diet and reduce carbohydrates and fats. Teenage boys who do this are able to lose tummy fat a lot faster. A simple way to do this is make a daily diet chart with more lean proteins and less carbohydrates and fats.

At breakfast time, you can eat a large bowl of fruits before having your regular meal. For lunch or dinner, you can eat a fresh green salad minus the dressing before your regular meal. Your snacks can include a salad with a light dressing, yogurt, dry nuts and fruits.

How to lose stomach fat and boost your metabolism

Always follow healthy habits to get rid of excess stomach fat and boost your metabolism.  Drink two to three liters of water on a daily basis. Eat smaller portions in four to five meals daily. You should never skip breakfast!

Avoid eating things like cookies, potato chips and French fries. Instead, you can snack on healthy foods like low fat yogurt, carrot sticks and whole-grain pretzels. You can reduce your intake of junk food to one or two times a month. To reduce calories, you can eliminate sugary drinks like soda, sweet ice tea and chocolate milk from your daily diet. Drink fresh juice or green tea without sugar instead of soda pops. Try not to overeat at meal times. You should stop eating as soon as you are full, whether or not you have food on your plate.

If you follow the diet tips above on how to lose belly fat for teenage guys, you will look and feel much better.

Exercise Tips for Teenage Boys to Lose Belly Fat

If you are not physically active as a teenager, it will be harder to maintain good health and lose weight. There are many activities that you can take part in to burn off belly fat. You could join the sports team at your school or start a daily exercise routine to run or jog after school or every morning.

The following cardio exercises can help you to get rid of belly fat:

Most people try to get rid of stomach fat by doing only strength training exercises. But, you should combine those exercises with cardio routines. There are several cardio exercises that will help teens to burn off fat. If you want to burn off lots of fat, you can include swimming, cycling and jump rope exercises in your daily routine.

In case those activities are too boring for you, there are fitness classes that you can join. Many teenage boys lose weight from doing activities like dancing routines, kick boxing, spinning classes and more.

Target exercises to lose belly fat fast

Some of the best exercises to shed excess fat from your belly include box jumps, belly button yoga exercises and Hindu squats.

For box jumps, you can start by setting up the box. Then, stand before the box with feet apart about shoulder width and hands at your sides. After that, you can jump onto the box and then hold this position for about a second before jumping down. This can be repeated ten to twelve times. If you practice this daily, you can repeat these movements to more than twelve times.

When learning how to lose belly fat for teenage guys, you will discover that the belly button exercises are quite easy. To get started, you can sit on the floor or a chair. Next, you can suck in your belly button until you feel like it’s touching your spine. Maintain this position for twenty seconds and then let go. You can do this exercise at anytime daily for about ten minutes.

Now, to do the Hindu squats you can start by standing straight while keeping both hands at your sides. After that, you can squat down quickly with your fingertips almost reaching the ground and then stand up quickly. You can perform this for thirty to fifty reps each time.

There you have it, some simple tips on how to lose belly fat for teenage guys. You can stick to the diet and exercise tips above if you want to lose excess fat from your belly. Always remember that losing weight will not only help you to look great, but also to live healthier!

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