How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs In 7 Easy Steps

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get AbsHow to lose belly fat and get abs?” A lot of men and women ask this question to themselves at some point of their life. Movies and advertisements are filled with celebrities who show off their chiseled bodies and tempt you. It is only natural for a person to look down on their bulging belly and wonder how can I lose my belly fat and get abs.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #1: Foods which KEEP you stomach FAT

When you eat foods that are high in sugar, the hormone insulin is released by your body. Insulin in turn commands your body to store nutrients from food into fat cells. Most people eat 3 large meals a day which are filled with simple sugars and carbohydrates. These three meals cause your insulin level to rise high and cause most of the nutrients to be stored as fat. Here are some of the foods which you should avoid, if you wish to lose your belly fat

  • White bread
  • any food containing “high-fructose corn syrup”
  • White pasta
  • Highly processed foods
  • Drinks like Soda, Fruit juice

Replace these with foods which contain complex carbohydrates. These foods cause lesser insulin to be released and thus reduce the amount of fat being stored by your body. Here are some of the foods to add in your diet

  • Whole-wheat bread
  • Yams
  • Whole-wheat pasta
  • Drink Water or Black Coffee
  • Use low calorie sweeteners instead of sugar in coffee

Even if you are on an active weight loss exercise plan, high sugar foods can cancel out the effect of your workouts and prevent your body from losing fat. Before you begin any workout plan make sure to replace the high sugar foods in your diet and bring down your insulin levels.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #2: A Strange Relation Between Meal Size And Belly Size

As we discussed earlier, one of the key steps in losing belly fat is to regulate your insulin level. The main reason our body experiences spikes in insulin level is because most people eat 3 meals a day of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eat 4 to 6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 huge meals. This will cause the body to release smaller doses of insulin prevent your blood insulin level from rising too much. This in turn will reduce the amount of fat your body will store, thus helping you to lose belly fat and get abs.

Eating small meals also keeps your body’s metabolism at a high rate. Your body will keep digesting the food all day long. To generate the energy needed for digestion, your body will keep burning fat. Thus every meal becomes a workout to burn fat!

As you insulin level stays low and you body keeps burning fat for generating energy to digest, the net effect reduces the overall fat content in your body.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #3: Proteins help make your stomach flat

Proteins are difficult to break down and so the body expends more energy digesting it. This causes more fat to be burnt. Also protein prevents your body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy.

We must make sure that the energy used by our body is from fat and not from muscle tissue. Eating foods which are high in protein allows the body to burn down fat while keeping the muscles untouched.

Eat lean sources of protein like egg whites, chicken breast and fish. On an average you must eat one gram of protein for every pound of body weight each day. If you weigh 150 pounds you need to eat 150 grams of protein each day. Spread this over 6 separate meals a day. So you must eat about 30 grams of protein in every meal. An average size chicken breast with a serving of rice should get you about 30 grams of protein.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #4: Stress Can Keep Your Six Pack Hidden Under That Fat

Stress has a great effect on your physiology in general. It also affects your metabolism, the rate at which you burn food to produce energy. Whenever you experience stress, your body diverts the blood flow away from less important parts like your stomach and skin.

This slows down your metabolism and you begin storing more fat. If you constant experience stress for long duration of time and you have a job which makes you sit all day long then it won’t be long before you develop a bulging belly.

Learn some relaxation exercises and bring down your stress level. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your fat loss endeavors.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #5: They call it Beer belly for a reason!

Cut down on your alcohol consumption, if possible quit completely. You know why they call it beer belly, don’t you?

Firstly, alcoholic drinks contains a large amount of calories especially those which are sweetened. If you have a habit of getting a few drinks in the evening, then these calories will build up real quickly and so will your waistline.

Secondly, when you drink alcohol, you body stops burning fat and sugar for energy. It uses the alcohol instead. If you spend an evening or night drinking, you will not burn any fat during that period and all the food you eat will be simply converted into fat and stored in your body. Only after all the alcohol in your system has been completely used will your body go back to burning food for energy.

If you truly want to learn how to lose belly fat and get abs, then the very first thing you can do starting today, is to cut down on alcohol.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #6: The Biggest Myth Of The Fitness Industry

There is a great myth which has been moving around gyms all over the world. It is called “spot reduction”. Some so called fitness gurus will tell you that the only way you can lose belly fat and get six pack abs is by doing hundreds of crunches and squats every day.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cardio doesn’t help either. Running on a treadmill for hours or using some fancy ab machine is NOT going to get you those washboard abs you dream of.

Why? Because that is simply not the way the human body works. It’s all or nothing. You burn fat from all over your body or you don’t burn it from anywhere at all. There is no easy way to get rid of fat from just one part of your body. Fat burning pills may help you in the short term to lose some weight but they cannot help you get 6 pack abs.

Don’t waste your hard earned cash on those gimmicky machines they show on late night infomercials or on ultra-power fat burning pills. Everyone is born with 6 pack abs, but for most people they are covered with a layer of fat and hence they become invisible.

There is only one sure-fire long term solution to permanently lose belly fat and get abs. That is a proper diet and effective exercise.

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs Fact #7: The Shortest Path To Six Pack Abs

The more muscle your body has, the faster it can burn fat and also you need to lose lesser fat to reveal those 6 pack abs. If a person weighing at 200 pounds has a body fat of 10% it means he has about 180 pounds of lean mass and 20 pounds of fat.

If he gained 20 pounds of lean muscle his weight would be 220 pounds and his new body fat percentage becomes 20 divided by 220 times 100 i.e. 9.09 percent. Thus just by gaining muscle and without any actual fat loss he was able to bring down the fat percentage in his body. This could help his abs become more visible.

The easiest way to build lean muscle is through weight training. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder. Start out small and move along step by step. You deserve a great body and a healthy life.